Wills and Probate

To achieve peace of mind and avoid unnecessary stress everyone should have a Will.  If not, strictly applied rules will govern who will get what.

We will be happy to discuss your wishes and intentions, advising on all relevant implications, pitfalls, and prepare your Will.  You will need to consider the appointment of Executors to handle your Estate after your death, divide your property and set any conditions

If you already have a Will then it may be time to review this to take into account any change of personal circumstances or the law.

Whether we are appointed as Executors within a Will or individual Executors wish to instruct us, we will guide you sympathetically and efficiently through the various administrative procedures and formalities, including applications for Probate or Letters of Administration (where there is no Will), Taxation and distribution of the Estate.

Unlike many other organisations, we do not add to our fees by charging a percentage of the value of the Estate.  

We also have experience in dealing with contentious probate actions, including claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.